Office Location

Gordon Parks Elementary
3715 Wyoming
Kansas City, MO 64111

Also Willing to Meet in Other Agreed Upon Location

Contact Information

Leah Probasco-Burns, LPC, RPT-S

Education: Leah is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor and K-8 Certified School Counselor. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri- Columbia and her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Missouri State University. She was fortunate enough to receive the majority of her Play Therapy training during her graduate program at Missouri State.

Experience: Leah has spent the past 8 years as a counselor/therapist in the Urban Core of Kansas City, MO as well as in a Private Practice setting. She has created and implemented counseling programs, provided individual and group therapy, ongoing student, teacher and parent education, parenting classes (Positive Discipline), play therapy trainings and developed mindful-ness and resilience curriculum. Leah specializes in working with children and families suffering from traumatic experiences. She believes that every child has a story and owning that story gives them the power to write a brave new ending. “Our life experiences are what shape us into who we are and how we react to situations.” She believes when children are provided a safe and trusting environment to work through their real barriers, they can make tremendous gains socially, emotionally, and academically.

Additional Information: Leah is extremely passionate about working with children of all ages and has seen Play Therapy have life changing impacts on the children and families she has worked with. Leah believes her main role as a supervisor is to help the supervisee become more confident and effective in helping others. She does this through providing support, advice, and helping supervisee’s think outside the box when working with their clients. Leah believes that with hard work and the right amount of creativity every child can be reached through Play Therapy. Leah is open to providing both individual and group supervision and is flexible on meeting times and locations.

Play Therapy Supervision Sites:
Office in Kansas City region

Play Therapy Supervision Meeting Times:
Weekdays and Evenings

Play Therapy Supervision Fees:
$45/hour for individual supervision
$35/hour per student for group supervision

Clinical Supervision:
Leah offers simultaneous clinical supervision for individuals seeking clinical licensure in the field of professional counseling in Missouri.
Fees: $40/hour per student for group , $50/hour for individual.