The Theraplay® Institute: Group Theraplay for Families and Community Care – Kansas City

Group Theraplay® for Families and Community Care
Wednesday, February 7th & Thursday, February 8th, 2024
Heartland Play Therapy Office
6701 W. 64th St., Suite 110
Overland Park, KS 66202
8:30am-4:30pm –  both days
13 Contact APT CE Hours provided through The Theraplay® Institute
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Workshop Description:

Theraplay® is a child and family modality of play therapy for building and enhancing attachment, self-esteem, trust in others, and joyful engagement. Group Theraplay adapts this play-based modality from a dyadic parent child intervention to a group format focused on the development of healthy peer relationships. A Theraplay Group is an adult-directed, structured play group that incorporates playful, cooperative and nurturing activities that enhance the emotional well-being of children. Unlike other play therapy group approaches, Theraplay learning takes place on a non-verbal level. Instead of talking about positive social behavior, the group leaders and children do positive social interaction. Gradually, positive messages from the groups become a part of the child’s internal sense of himself. This training is for professionals who want to use Theraplay in classrooms, day care, residential settings or with family groups. This workshop is aimed to:

  • Create an atmosphere that is warm, nurturing, engaging, and challenging
  • Promote warm relationships between children and adults and friendships among peers
  • Engage hard-to-reach children
  • Place emphasis on cooperation between children
  • Encourage children to learn and practice self- control
  • Help children with regulatory disorders and tactile issues

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Participants of this workshop will describe the four dimensions of Theraplay, a modality of play therapy.
  2. Participants of this workshop will apply Theraplay play principles to group treatment.
  3. Participants of this workshop will develop play therapy skills in using the group rules and group techniques through practice.
  4. Participants of this workshop will demonstrate how to adapt the use of group Theraplay in play therapy with various populations.
  5. Participants of this workshop will describe how nurturing and regulating physical connection can assist a child to feel calm and more organized in a play therapy group setting.
  6. Participants of this workshop will list three effects of complex trauma on a child’s brain and behavior.
  7. Participants of this workshop will describe three techniques for managing resistance and problem situations in play therapy groups.
  8. Participants of this workshop will list a variety of materials and activities that are appropriate for the group Theraplay model.
  9. Participants of this workshop will list three essential strategies for successful implementation.

Instructor: Kristen Borgmeyer, LCSW, RPT™

Workshop Schedule & Agenda: Click HERE

February 7, 2024 8:30 am
February 8, 2024 4:30 pm
6701 W. 64th St., Suite 110, Overland Park, KS 66202   View map

Workshop Withdrawal & Cancellation Policy:

Please see the policy at The Theraplay® Institute website HERE.

This course is available in Kansas City