Omaha Play Class 40

What’s Included in the Play Therapy Certificate Program?

Enrollment and tuition in the full Play Therapy Certificate Program includes the following:

  • Ten classes to complete 150 hours of play therapy training.
  • Hands on practical learning and clinical application at each class with qualified clinicians experienced in their class content area.
  • Supplies for participation in workshop activities.
  • Workshop PowerPoints and additional printed materials printed for each workshop.
  • Sandtray Therapy materials including a sandtray with lid and high quality sand.
  • Books provided to students to enhance learning, including:

– Dibs: In Search of Self
– I Love You Rituals
– No Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture your Child’s Developing Mind

  • Referrals to qualified Registered Play Therapy Supervisors currently providing supervision to individual in the student’s community.

Approved by the Association for Play Therapy and the National Board for Certified Counselors

APT Approved Provider 15-424
NBCC ACEP Number 6774

Heartland Play offers play therapy workshops approved by the Association for Play Therapy and the National Board for Certified Counselors in three states, including Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas.

The Play Therapy Certificate Program is competitively priced for professionals, with a generous discount provided for graduate students (proof of current enrollment required).

Omaha Class 40 Schedule

Omaha, NE
Site: Immanuel Medical Center: Conference Center
6901 N. 72nd St | Omaha, NE 68131
Class times:
In-Person Format: Friday 12:30pm-8:30pm; Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm
Live Webinar Format: 8:30am-5:00pm CST both days

Child-Centered Play Therapy PhaseDate
Foundations of Child-Centered Play TherapyMarch 26-27, 2021 Web-Based
Practice of Child-Centered Play TherapyMay 21-22, 2021 Web-Based
Sandtray in Play TherapyJune 25-26, 2021 Web-Based
Systemic Play Therapy PhaseDate
Attachment: Creating Connection through Play TherapyNovember 12-13, 2021 Web-Based
Special Topics in Play Therapy: Infants, Toddlers and Neurosensory PlayDecember 10-11, 2021 Web-Based
Engaging Adolescents in Play TherapyFebruary 18-19, 2022 Live Webinar
Family Play TherapyMay 6-7, 2022 Live Webinar
Directive Play Therapy PhaseDate
Theories of Directive Play TherapyJuly 15-16, 2022 Live Webinar
Play Therapy with Abuse and TraumaAugust 5-6, 2022 Live Webinar
Special Topics in Play Therapy: The Adult Inner Child & GriefDecember 2-3, 2022 Live Webinar
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Heartland Play Therapy Credentialing Bundle

Phase One: 8 month period

  • 3 weekend workshops (45 hours)
  • 50-75 Experience Hours
  • 8 Supervision Hours – schedule 2 1.5 hour groups & 5 1 hour individual meetings
  • 1 Video Observation

Phase Two: 8 Month Period

  • 4 weekend workshop (60 hours)
  • 100-150 Experience Hours
  • 14 Supervision Hours – schedule 4 1.5 hour groups & 8 1 hour individual meetings
  • 2 Video Observation

Phase Three: 8 month Month Period

  • 3 weekend workshop (45 hours)
  • 100-175 Experience Hours
  • 13 Supervision Hours – schedule 4 1.5 hour groups & 7 1 hour individual meetings
  • 2 Video Observation

150 Credit Hours

150 hours of play therapy training structured in 10 fifteen-hour workshops, scheduled one weekend a month.

Multiple Cities

Heartland Play facilitates the Play Therapy Certificate Program in five cities, including: Overland Park, Kansas, Wichita, Kansas, St. Charles, Missouri and Rogers, Arkansas and Omaha, Nebraska.

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